July 13, 2016
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November 24, 2016
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I have been thinking about value and worth a lot lately. How much you value yourself has a huge impact on your financial results because if you don’t believe you’re worth much, you’re not going to charge much for your services and that’s going to hit your wallet in a big way.

I still remember the days when I organised events and even though I was doing all the work to pull these amazing experiences together, I didn’t value myself enough to add my fee to the event budget. I was ‘worthless’ and therefore, I was an afterthought.

I have come a looooong way since making $3,500 for a year’s worth of hard work! Let’s face it, that result wasn’t average, it was well below average. However, it’s the challenging experiences in our life that teach us the most and it was out of this experience that I realised that I wanted more for my life.

More money, more satisfaction, more time and more impact.

In my head, I knew I had a gift for organising. I knew I hadn’t done all the training and notched up all the experience I had to only be worth $3,500 per annum.

Yet, there was a massive gap between what I knew in my logical mind and what I believed about myself at a core level. At the end of the day, there is a direct correlation between our beliefs and the size of our bank balance. That’s because our beliefs influence our thoughts, our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our behaviours and our behaviours lead to our results.

So, how do you change your financial results from average to amazing? Here are the 7 Steps:


Yes! Audit! It sounds boring but it’s absolutely necessary to get real about what’s working and what’s not working in your life.

It’s astounding, the number of my clients who don’t have their finger on the pulse of their financials. If your goal is to earn $20k per month and you don’t know what you’re currently earning, how can you quantify what needs to happen to bridge the gap?


Without self and environmental awareness, it is impossible to grow or change. Getting to the root cause of what beliefs are holding you back, what fundamentally drives you and what your true purpose is, is absolutely imperative to taking the first step towards transforming your financial situation.

When I realised that I held a belief that I was worthless at a subconscious level, I was able recognise why I had valued myself so poorly and then I could do something about it.


Once you’re aware, it’s time to make a plan and create an environment that supports you to build the financial success that you want. That plan needs to be totally aligned with who you truly are and what you truly want. There is no room for the old beliefs and conditioning that have previously held you back.

If your goals aren’t truly aligned with who you truly are, it will be tough to find your flow.


No plan is realised without action. I like to talk about ‘aligned action’ because I see a lot of people doing a lot of work and not getting anywhere fast. Never fear, I have my own fair share of experience in this department too!

It’s in the follow through and the showing up daily that leads to amazing results in your bank account.


You don’t plant seeds in a garden only to dig them back up to check whether they are growing. Often, there is a gap between aligned action and results. This is the allowing phase. Allowing your seeds to be nurtured and grow.

When taking action, yes, what you’re doing is important. However, even more important is who you’re being. Using your self-awareness to take responsibility for how you’re showing up is imperative to aligned action, finding your flow and landing results.


When the results don’t show up immediately, our old beliefs can easily surface and cause us to sabotage our efforts or give up all together. That’s why accountability is so important to keep sowing seeds and allowing those seeds to grow and flourish without digging them up.

I offer my clients’ accountability, for sure. However, what I’m more interested in is equipping them with tools that lead to self-driven accountability so they can sustain their results in the long term.


The greatest breakthrough any human being can have is to show up as themselves and own who they truly are. The previous 6 steps are vitally important, however this 7th step is the game-changer. Until you can recognise and own the true value that you bring to the world, you will never charge what you’re actually worth.

We all have a unique set of gifts, skills and experience and your unique combination has immense value, if only you can recognise and own it.

What is the difference between the business consultant who charges $10k for a 6 month program versus the business consultant to who is charging $25k for a substantially similar service?

It’s just a belief! ~ Sally G X

Sally Guest is a High Performance Coach certified with the Australasian organisation, Evolved Leadership and based in Ottawa, ON. She is a former corporate/commercial lawyer who now specialises in elite performance. Sally works with established coaches and consultants to help them own their true value so they can charge what they’re actually worth. You can reach Sally at or (613) 292-1393.

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