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December 19, 2017
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In 2016, I was lonely, isolated and frustrated in my coaching business in Ottawa.

I am inherently social, so being stuck at home, trying to build my business online was completely out of alignment with who I am.

I was seriously doing it tough. I was living in a new city, my network was very small and I had very few close friends I could truly rely on.

As a result, my coaching clients (and prospects) were starting to dry up and notwithstanding all the mental and emotional work I’ve done on myself, I started to doubt myself and I started to get desperate. I convinced my husband that the best solution was to invest $6,000 into an online business coaching course.

You know the ones… that promise you 6 figures by lunch time!?

In fairness, the content of that course was actually really good and I still admire what the host of that course has achieved in her own business.

…And more importantly, when I choose to take a balanced perspective of my decision to invest in that course, I can recognise that nothing is ever wasted. There are always benefits to everything we experience, even if those benefits aren’t immediately obvious.

In fact, that course could quite possibly have been the best investment of my life!

Why? Well, it was through the isolation and frustration I was experiencing that I had a huge vision for myself and my coaching colleagues who were also in the same struggle.

My vision was for a Global Coaches Collective. It was so clear in my mind. It was a place for coaches, consultants, mentors and trainers to connect, to collaborate and to feel support in their businesses like never before. It was a training ground for coaches committed to upskilling and to their continuing professional development. It was a place for coaches to make more money while helping more people.

BUT how the hell was I going to create such an amazing organisation, when I couldn’t even get my own sh*t together in my coaching business?

Don’t you just love that nasty inner dialogue that shuts down powerful and creative ideas…!?

In any event, I didn’t listen to that voice. Well, not fully. I went out, got the branding done and wrote my vision on a large flip-chart.

Looking at that vision, I knew that a) It was not something I wanted to create alone; and b) I needed more experience coaching before I could own a training role.

I know many amazing coaches who I could have collaborated with on this vision. However, my intuition told me to wait.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away in New Zealand, a woman I barely knew was also having a strikingly similar vision to mine. I kid you not!

FAST FORWARD TWO YEARS and I am proud to say that my vision is now a reality; and the reality is even better than I could have ever imagined.

That Kiwi woman, Dawn Kiddie, is now my business partner and we have been joined by the amazing Andrew Hollis to become the Founding Members of the Global Coaches Collective.


1. Pushing and hustling doesn’t work – if I had dragged the organisation into reality 2 years ago, it would have failed, because I was about to go through one of the most challenging times of my life and the timing just wasn’t right.

2. Open up to possibility and allow it to unfold – I set the intention of the organisation by taking the step of writing my vision down and creating the branding. However, then I let it go. Not because I was giving up but because I was willing to listen to my intuition that the timing wasn’t right and I wasn’t yet connected with the right people. At that moment (almost unconsciously), I opened up to possibility and look what has been allowed to unfold!

3. Dreams do come true – If you allow them. I realised the only person standing in my way of making my dream come true was me. I’ve had to go through what I’ve been through over the past 3 years, because I needed to recognise in myself that I do have the commitment and ability to see my dreams through to the end. It was all about shifting my perspective.

If you’re a coach, consultant, mentor or trainer, we’d love to hear from you at the GCC. It’s a special place, just for you, to be supported and to grow your business so you can help more people.

If you’re not a coach but you have big dreams for your life and your career, how can I help you to shift your beliefs and perspectives so you can allow them to become a reality? ~ Sally G X





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