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Create Your Visionbook


The Low Down on the Finer Details:

At 2pm EST every Monday during the 8 weeks (8am NZT every Tuesday), I will do a Facebook Live in a special group created for this course, to explain the assignment for the week and to answer any questions you have. Those unavailable for the Live can catch a replay.

All necessary support documents will be uploaded into this group too and I will be available to assist you throughout the week.

At the beginning of the course, I will provide you with a Template in Canva to create your Visionbook (or, if you choose, you can have free reign to create your own version) and then the magic begins…

I am so excited that I am able to offer this course for such an affordable investment. Every person deserves the opportunity to create more of what they desire in their lives.

Will you be joining the creativity and fun? ~ Sally G xox

Join us Online for 8 Weeks!

Are you ready to get super committed to creating and living your Ideal Life?

Elite athletes understand the true power of visualisation, and now you can implement similar strategies in your own life, with amazing results.

What you need to participate:

A private Facebook account, a FREE account, a Laptop or Desktop computer and access to a colour printer (note: if you don’t, it’s easy to get cheap colour printing through Vistaprint or a local printing store).

What you’ll end up with at the finish of our 8 weeks together:

A beautiful Visionbook full of imagery and content that supports you to be your Ideal Self and create your Ideal Life. This Visionbook can be incorporated into your daily Mindset & Visualisation Practice.

If you don’t already have a consistent Mindset Practice, don’t worry, I will be working with you to create a powerful daily ritual that resonates with you.

A breakdown of our 8 weeks together:

Week 1 ~ Ideal Self Exercise: who are you when you’re being your ideal self?

Week 2 ~ Ideal Self Statement

Week 3 ~ What drives and motivates you?

Week 4 ~ Your Top 10 Intentions/Goals in detail

Week 5 ~ Your Intention Statement

Week 6 ~ Your Top 10 Values exercise

Week 7 ~ What do you choose to call in? A soulmate tribe if you’re in business? Greater wealth? Optimal health?

Week 8 ~ Your Purpose Statement

Sign up for the 8 Week Course HERE:

Your information is 100% safe and secure. You agree that by signing up for this course, you are giving me permission to contact you by e-mail. 



Women in Progress

Women In Progress Ottawa-3

We hope to see you at our next event...


A **Sell Out** Evening!

What a fantastic night we had on March 22nd in Westboro.

A huge thank you to all the ladies who joined us at our **sell out** first Ottawa Women in Progress event. It was a fun and entertaining evening at the Clocktower Brew Pub!

Thank you also to our generous Event Partners and Prize Donors:

  • Teri Kingston, Speaking Coach from Real Impact Speaking;
  • Karen Allen, Empowerment Coach and creator of the Soulmate Attraction Summit in May 2018;
  • Jolene Dione from Backyius Liquid Smudge;
  • Monique & Tyra, Vegan Originals from Sacred Garden Healing Centre.

Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!



A **Sell Out** Evening!

What an ah-mazing night we had on 15 February in Mount Maunganui.

Huge thank you to all the ladies who joined us at our **sell out** first Women in Progress event. It was a fun and entertaining evening at the beautiful Mixture Eatery!

Thank you also to our generous Trade Partners and Prize Donors:

  • Helen Fraser from Bettie Monroe Fashion;
  • Nicole Emmett from Miessence;
  • Rachael Finlayson from Boutique Beauty Therapy;
  • Laurise Taylor from Vibe Clothing;
  • Lisa Scott, Essential Oil Educator;
  • Kamni Raju-Russell from Intimo Lingerie;
  • Allan & Peter from Mt Maunganui New World.

Thank you all! We look forward to seeing you at our next event!


Mt Maunganui, NZ

Women In Progress NZ-2

We hope to see you at our next event...


Want to be a Speaker?


~ An expert in the areas of the Mind, Body or Soul?

~ A true Woman in Progress?

~ A strong public speaker with a powerful message to share?

~ Willing to be vulnerable and share from your heart?

~ A fan of collaboration and working together with other Women in Progress to help each other shine?

Then, we’d love to hear from you. Our plan is to organise more Women in Progress events in both Canada and New Zealand.

So please, drop us a line and send your speaker profile to:

*We value your expertise. This will be a paid gig!

My name is......and I'm a Woman in Progress